We offer a range of packages designed to accommodate your needs, preferences, and budget. Our goal is to make this process as smooth and delightful as possible, allowing you to fully enjoy the journey toward your special day.

Your love story deserves to be the centerpiece of your wedding day. It's a tale that deserves to be shared, celebrated, and honored. With our Personalized Wedding Ceremony Consultation service, you're not just creating a ceremony – you're crafting an unforgettable experience that mirrors your unique bond.

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Just the Basics


This service includes consultation by phone and/or e-mail only. A ceremony performance that will be warm and personal!

This package does not include an in person meeting, personalized ceremony or a rehearsal. Perfect for the couple planning from a far or eloping.


The same as the full service ceremony, however, rehearsals are not included with this service. The rehearsal might be conducted without us or may not be needed. If you would like us to conduct your rehearsal to guarantee a smooth, seamless ceremony on your wedding day please see the Full Service Option.


Administer the Declaration of Intent and Pronouncement of Marriage

Private wedding (the couple and up to 2 guests) - a witness can be provided if necessary

Couple travels to officiant’s location

Signing and mailing your marriage license

Short and Sweet 

full service

signature service

$450 - including the rehearsal

In addition to a complimentary one-hour, no-obligation interview in or around Webster, NY, this service includes unlimited consultations by phone and e-mail; a personalized ceremony with unlimited edits, using your love story, your thoughts, your values and beliefs; suggestions for readings, rituals, and vows -- or guidance in writing your own vows.

A ceremony performance that will be warm and personal!

Rehearsals usually take about thirty minutes. An additional fee for travel or an overnight stay may be charged for venues outside of Monroe County.




Most Popular!


Included in   all packages

  • Unlimited e-mail and phone calls

  • Many hours spent on personalized ceremony preparation and writing

  • Proofreading, private read-throughs, updates, and revisions

  • Editing ceremony, readings, and vows

  • Research for particular ceremony options (current and over the years of education and training, as with any professional) 

  • Preparation, travel time, and wait time before the ceremony

  • Making sure everything is set up for ceremony rituals

  • The ceremony itself presented in a warm, professional manner

  • Being available to participants and guests following the ceremony, if requested

  • Filing and mailing marriage license after the ceremony

  • Ensuring all participants and vendors understand their responsibilities and are aware of the flow of the ceremony

"Jennifer prepared such a wonderful ceremony for us, and Tara did an amazing job officiating for us! Highly recommend them to officiate your wedding! Jennifer will take the time to meet with you and get to know what's important for you to make your wedding day very special!"


"Jenn did a great job with our wedding! She was very open to our feedback and ideas on the ceremony and provided a great reading that really matched the theme of our wedding and the story of our relationship. I appreciate that we were able to have a ceremony that was short but very personal to us"


"We are so grateful we chose Jen from J Costello Officiants! She drafted a perfect ceremony that captured the uniqueness and magic of our love story. Best of all, she kept me calm and confident during the ceremony and the weeks leading up to it!"

- Elizabeth l.

Do you have a cherished family member in mind to officiate your wedding, but feel unsure about where to begin?

We are happy to introduce Ceremony Consultations :

Starting at $150

What We Offer:

Our Ceremony Consultation service is tailored for individuals who dream of having a close friend or family member officiate their wedding but are seeking guidance on how to bring this vision to life. Our process begins with a personalized meeting where we delve into your story, values, and beliefs, setting the foundation for a heartfelt ceremony that resonates with you.


Personalized Ceremony Script: We craft a bespoke ceremony script that captures your love story and reflects your unique journey. This script is open to unlimited revisions, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your aspirations.

Guidance for Your Officiant: We assist your chosen friend or family member in becoming ordained, providing clear instructions and support throughout the process. Drawing from our extensive experience, we guide them in creating a ceremony that's both meaningful and memorable.

Comprehensive Guidance: Our expertise covers a wide range of aspects, including the ordination process, ceremony composition, legal requirements like obtaining the marriage license, and even running a rehearsal. You'll have all the tools you need to bring your dream ceremony to life seamlessly.

Your wedding day is a celebration of your unique connection, and having a dear family member officiate can make it even more special. Let us be your guiding hand, transforming your vision into a beautiful reality. Embrace the joy of a wedding that truly reflects who you are.


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